About Triffle

Triffle is an offshoot of the former Friday Fun website, which is currently offline for redvelopment. But we felt that the jokes were too good to just leave locked away in an unused database, so Triffle.org was quickly thrown together (and we do mean thrown - this is a very rough and ready website) as somewhere to keep them on display.

The name "Triffle" came from a visit to a local Chinese buffet restaurant. The desserts were all labelled on the chiller shelves, but the trifle label was slightly misspelled. Somehow, it just seemed obvious that "triffle.org" was a great name for a website. So the name was registered, and then it sat around for a while before the idea of using it for the Friday Fun joke database caught hold.

The Original Triffle


The template design is a slightly modified form of Neoneon from Free CSS Templates.

Programming is by Good Stuff.

Jokes are by everyone who submitted them.


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