The parrot, elephant and jaguar story

One day, Mr Parrot was walking along a jungle trail. As he was passing a swamp, he heard cries for help coming from it... Mr Elephant was stuck in the swamp.... "Oh, help me Mr Parrot, please help - I'm sinking fast!!" cried Mr Elephant. "I'm too small to pull you out on my own", replied Mr Parrot, "but if you hold on for a moment, I'll go and get Mr Jaguar to help me pull you out" "O.K.", said Mr Elephant, "but PLEASE hurry!!" So Mr Parrot went off and quickly returned with Mr Jaguar, and with a bit of heaving and huffing and puffing, they managed to pull a very grateful Mr Elephant out of the swamp. The next day, Mr Elephant was walking down the same jungle trail, and past the same swamp, when he too heard the cries of a fellow animal in distress. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw, stuck in the swamp, Mr Parrot... "Help me, Mr Elephant - I'm sinking!!", cried Mr Parrot. "It's OK, Mr Parrot", said Mr Elephant, and turning around and reversing up to the swamp, he added, "Just grab hold of my penis, and I'll have you out in no time." So Mr Parrot grabbed hold of Mr Elephant's penis, and Mr Elephant pulled, and..... PLOP!!! Out of the swamp came Mr Parrot, easily as anything. And the moral of this story? If you've got a huge penis, you don't need a Jaguar to pull birds.

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