Three Bulls

Three bulls were hanging out in the field with their cows. The biggest bull stood proud, gazing over his 75 cows. The next largest watched over his 50, and the young bull sat quietly, glad to have 25.

They noticed a truck pull into the farm with another bull roaring in the back of the truck. The biggest bull said, "No way he's getting any of my 75 cows, I need them all!"

The second bull puffed up and said, "He's not getting any of my 50, that's for sure!"

The young bull said, "It took me six months to get my 25 from you guys, he can't take mine!"

Out of the truck came the biggest, meanest, most ornery looking bull any of them had ever seen. The biggest bull said, "Well I guess he could have 25 of my cows."

The second bull agreed. "Yeah, he can have 25 of mine, no problem."

They looked over at the young bull, who was snorting, huffing, and kicking up dirt. The biggest bull said, "What the heck do you think you're doing?"

The raging little bull said, "I'm making damn sure he knows I'm a bull!"

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