True Love!

An elephant and a mouse had been married for several years, but they’d never found a way to tell their respected families, so they kept it a secret. Suddenly one day while walking in the jungle, they heard a couple of the elephant’s friends nearby. Not knowing a better way to hide the truth, the elephant instructed the mouse to climb into its rear end.

The elephant started conversing with its elephant friends, but suddenly a giggling was heard from the elephant’s back end. The elephant mumbled something about having a bad stomach.

After a while, chuckles could be heard, which the elephant explained by quickly clearing its throat.

After a few more minutes, raucous laughter was heard, and this time the elephant mutters, "Oh, I, uh, finally got a joke I heard a couple of days ago."

The elephant’s friends continue on their way, and the moouse finally climbs out of the elephant’s backside. "What was so funny?" the elephant asks. "You almost got us caught!"

"I couldn’t help thinking," the mouse replied, still laughing, "What are we going to do if some of my friends came by?"
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