Cat Common Knowledge

Cats have the simplest of taste - the best will suffice.

Dogs are like kids. Cats are like roommates.

Cats are living proof that eating and sleeping all day isn't all bad.

Cats teach us that not everything in nature has a function.

Traits we despise in people, we prize as virtues in cats.

Cats know all the sunny places.

An aquarium is just interactive television for cats.

A cat's favorite game is: "Hah! Made you look!"

A cat's worst enemy is a closed door.

Cats aren't clean, they're just covered with cat spit.

Cats aren't as dignified as people say they are. (Ever watched a cat clean its privates?)

Cats are good for dusting high places.

Cats have fur coats because they look silly in raincoats.

You don't own your cat. The cat owns you. And the cat owns the house. You just pay the mortgage.

Cats have their own lives; get on with yours.

Someone once said: "He who doesn't like cats doesn't like pets smarter than he."

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