Anybody home?

I heard this from my uncle John Herbert. You can't offend anyone with it.

A telephone sales person makes a call to an unknown prospect and a very small, very soft, very quiet, and obviously young person answers the phone.

Sales person: Hello, may I speak to the man of the house please?

Youngster: (whispering) No, he's busy.

Sales person: Well then, can I please speak to your mother?

Youngster: (in a whisper) She's busy too.

Sales person: I see, how about your brother? Can I speak to him?

Youngster: (whispering) No. He's busy too.

Sales person: (losing patience) Is your sister there? Can I talk to her?

Youngster: (in a whisper) She's busy too.

Sales person: ( by now quite exasperated) What are all these people doing that keeps them so busy?!!!

Youngster: (still whispering) Looking for me.

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