The Irish Virgin

Picture the scene: Early 1950?s, Ireland. A young Irish virgin decides she wants to learn a bit more about life so she packs her bags and bids farewell to her aunt Maureen and takes the boat to Liverpool. She then decides that she wants to get to London to start her new life so she sticks out her thumb and immediately a large car pulls up so in she gets. Being a friendly sort, she starts chatting to the driver.

"And what do you do for a living?" she says.

"I'm a disc jockey" he says, "on the radio".

"Oh my" she says, "do you play requests because my Aunt Maureen will be ever so worried about me and if you could play a request and let her know that I'm all right, I will be most grateful."

"Of course I will," said the DJ, "but you must do something for me first."

"OK," she says.

So he pulls the car over and unzips his fly and pulls out his enormous erect penis.

"Put your lips down to that," he says.

So she leans over, grabs hold of his penis and shouts: "HELLO, AUNTIE MAUREEN?"

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