Hell, Beer, Sex, the Devil and...

So this guy dies and goes to hell. The Devil greets him and he shrieks, "Oh, woe is me, for I am to spend an eternity of unending torment in the lake of fire and brimstone! If only I'd listened to more Christian radio!"

"Relax," says the devil. "It's not all that bad down here. We have some good days. Come on, cheer up! You like beer?"

Confused, the guy says, "Yeah. Yeah, I like beer!"

"See?" the devil says. "You'll love Mondays. That's all we do, all day, is drink beer!"

"Really?" the guys asks.

"Yeah," the devil says, with a smile. "You like to eat?"

"Yeah," the guy says, cheering up considerably.

"Then you'll love Wednesdays!" the devil says, beaming. "All we do is eat buffet all day long! How about dry anal sex?"

"Ye-- what? No! No, I have no interest in dry anal sex!"

"Oh," the devil says with regret. "You're going to hate Fridays..."

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