A man travelling on a plane needed to go to the gents, but every time he went there was someone else using it. after a while the flight attendant noticed his predicament and suggested he use the `ladies` but not to touch the buttons mounted on the wall.

He entered the ladies loo and took his seat upon looking around the cubicle he saw the buttons on the wall as below.

comfort panel
w.w. w.a.
p.p. a.t.r.

After a while curiosity got the better of him, so he pressed w.w. and a spray of warm water gently washed his bottom. this was marvellous he thought! So then pressed w.a. and out jetted warm air and dryed his bottom. Not to be outdone he decided to press p.p. and out popped a powder puff and powdered his bottom. He thought that the ladies really had it made for them so he pressed a.t.r. and promptly passed out.

Waking up later in hospital he asked the nurse what had happened? she said you pressed the a.t.r. button which means automatic tampon remover, your penis is under your pillow and your balls are under the bed in the bucket!

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