Cheap chicken

A man goes into an establishment for prostitution rather late, on a Friday night, and is told, "Sir, I'm sorry, but due to the late hour, all the girls are presently occupied. If you want a girl, I suggest you get here earlier, but we do have one attraction which may interest you."

The man responds, "What might that be?"

"A chicken." says the madam. "I know it doesn't sound like much, but we have always received favorable reviews from anyone who has had the chicken, and the price is only five dollars."

The man, with nothing else in store for the night, reluctantly agrees and pays the five dollars. The man has sex with the chicken and returns to the madam.

"Well, what did you think?" inquired the madam.

"You know, I had my doubts, but the chicken was fantastic! I'll try that again sometime!"

"Another satisfied customer," replied the madam as the man was leaving.

The following Friday, again at a late hour, he returns to the establishment and immediately requests the chicken. "I'm sorry," said the madam, "but the chicken is busy, and all the girls are taken. We hate to turn away repeat business," said the madam, "and I'm not supposed to do this, but we have a special attraction reserved for our best customers. For five dollars you can watch two lesbians make love."

With the man clearly unconvinced, the madam continued her hard sell.

"Look, everyone says it's great. I didn't lie to you about the chicken, did I?"

Remembering the chicken, the man paid the five dollars. Upon entering the room, he paused to survey his surroundings in the dimly lit room. He could make out several seats, arranged in a semi-circle, all facing what appeared to be a small stage enclosed by a panel of one way glass. Only two other patrons occupied the seats, and on the stage were two beautiful lesbians deeply involved in satisfying each other. Taking one of the available seats, he became mesmerized and realized he was very much enjoying the show.

Leaning over, he commented to another patron how surprised he was that he was enjoying the show so much.

The patron responded, "You should have been here last week! There was a guy in there with a chicken!"

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