Generations compared

Recent Generations Compared:

              1940 generation        1965 generation     1990 generation 
              _______________        _______________     _______________ 

International Defeat of Hitler, Opposed Vietnam Changed channel Achievement Communism War to MTV

Judicial Legal system should Legal system should Legal system should idea support society change society destroy society

Technological Moon landing Personal computer Beeper, car alarm highlight

Highbrow Classical Jazz Easy listening Music

Lowbrow Big bands Rock Rap Music

Civil rights Martin Luther King Malcolm X Damian Williams leader

Hero Eisenhower John Kennedy Madonna

Economic Raise 60's generation Develop Support 60's achievement Sophisticated generation Tastes retirement

Fav' drug Cigarettes Marijuana Crack

Drug most Marijuana Crack Cigarettes hated

Economic Work hard - get ahead Let your parents/ Prepare for employment philosophy government support at K-Mart you

Cartoon Bugs Bunny Bullwinkle Beavis and Butt-head

Boast "We made this country "We are great" "We are better armed" great"

Excuse 'I did it for the 'I was upset by 'I was abused' country' world injustice'

Sex Monogamy Free love AIDS

Youthful Drag race Demonstration Use AK-47 at school rebellion

Movie Casablanca Easy Rider Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Science Einstein Jacques Cousteau Biosphere II

Enemy USSR USA not sure where country countries located

Influential Eleanor Roosevelt Jane Fonda Roseanne Arnold woman

Religion Monotheism Atheism Paganism

Enemy Hitler Nixon Joe Camel

Blames Them--> <--Them--> <--Them (Loses 2-1)

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