Bear Warning!!

Resently Fish, Wildlife, And Parks have posted warning signs in all Sporting Goods stores, and at all camp grounds in Montana. Due to the dramatic rise of the bear population in Montana. The Sign reads as follows:

WARNING! To the increased number of bear sightings in Montana’s National Forests we have desided to post this flyer. When going into bear country one should always carry pepper-spray and wear cowbells. And when you are in bear country you need to know what species of bear you may encounter. In Black Bear country you will see small footprints with short claws, and occasionally a torn up bush. In Grizzly Bear country you will find large footprints, with long claws, and there will be stumps uprootedand torn apart. The easiest way to tell what bear you may encounter is by looking at the droppings. Black bear droppings have small bones, berry seeds, and sometimes fur. Grizzly bear droppings however have cowbells and smell like pepper spray! So PLEASE be careful!
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