Useless facts

  • The average person produces about 12,000 gallons of urine over the course of their lifetime.
  • Bill Gates is a Harvard University dropout.
  • Anthropologists know of no human society whose children do not play hide and seek.
  • Nylon was first produced in 1938. It was used in making toothbrush bristles.
  • Thomas Jefferson was the first person to import vanilla to the United States.
  • Scientists have performed brain surgery on cockroaches.
  • "Polyiterophilia" is the inability to have an orgasm with one partner unless first engaging in sex acts with many others.
  • On a per capita basis, plastic surgery is more popular in Brazil than in any other country.
  • One million U.S. one-dollar bills weigh exactly one ton.
  • During the 1905 football season, 18 men were killed in college games in the United States and 159 were permanently injured.
  • Human adults breathe about 23,000 times a day.
  • At one time in Cambodia, it was illegal to insult a rice plant.
  • The word "bishop" once meant "to kill by drowning."
  • The U.S. produces 19 percent of the world's trash.
  • A cat can jump five times as high as it is tall.
  • Nat King Cole was the first African-American with his own network radio show.
  • India is the world's largest democracy with 620 million voters.
  • Chronomentrophobia is a fear of clocks.
  • The most northerly town in England is called Berwick-upon-Tweed.
  • Thirty percent of Americans say they base how much they eat on how much they're served rather than how hungry they are.
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