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Campaign - Back ache from sleeping too long in a tent.
Metallurgy - Sneezing whenever you get too close to iron or steel bars.
Autocue - A traffic jam.
Isolate - How I apologise for my tardiness.
Knowledge - There is no cliff.
Catalog - Kitty's scratching post.
Homeopath - that strip of concrete leading to your front door.
Archery - A fruit tree that is owned by my friend and me.
Icing - What I do when I attend choir practice.
Ransom - What I did to escape from the kidnappers.
Attenuate - You had a really late supper.
Reptiles - Kitchen flooring materials owned by a travelling salesman.
Express - A broken printing machine.
Trumpet - A domesticated animal that's good at playing cards.
Countenance - Determining the number of insects in a colony.
Mince Pies - Chewing gum company employees who steal trade secrets from each other.
Mundane - The day between Sunday and Tuesday.
Artificial - The person in charge of the paintings exhibit.
Horoscope - A device for measuring how scary something is.
Philosophy - Unintelligible answers to insoluble problems.
Cyclone - My carbon-copy isn't very happy.
Conservatory - Trying to save the rainforests.
Hamlet - Pig-sty rental agreement.
Potato Waffles - People who constantly talk about food.
Pachydermatologist - An elephant's skin doctor.
Format - The small bit of green carpet that you tee-off from on a golf driving range.
Alligator - Someone who makes allegations.
Tuxedo - A highly suitable garment.

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