How Bad Are You Really?

Directions: Ask yourself the following questions.

For every 'Yes' give yourself 2 points then add up your points at the end to find out How Bad Are You Really?

It's that easy.....

Then put your score in the subject and pass it on. If you don't change it to your score it will mess the game up, because no one will know your score, so change it!This means, in the number in the subject box is the score of the person who sent it to you.

Questions: Have You Ever...?

  1. Been so drunk you didnt remember anything at all the next day?
  2. Been so drunk you had to go to hospital?
  3. Had a one night stand?
  4. Had a threesome?
  5. Robbed alcohol from an off licence?
  6. Lied and blamed a mate to get yourself out of trouble?
  7. Had sex with more than one person in a week?
  8. Had sex with more than one person in a day?
  9. Pulled your mates boyfriend/girlfriend and never told them?
  10. Snorted cocaine?
  11. Dealt drugs for money?
  12. Given oral sex in a public place?
  13. Received oral sex in a public place?
  14. Screwed someone so minging they dont deserve to be called a person?
  15. Screwed someone over five years older than you?
  16. Cheated on someone with their friend?
  17. Had sex with someone while there were other people in the sameroom?
  18. Beaten someone up?
  19. Paid someone to beat someone else up?
  20. Played pull a pig?
  21. Tried it on with a minger for money?
  22. Got high/drunk in school?
  23. Given or recieved full/oral sex in school?
  24. Got naked playing strip polka?
  25. Snogged (with tongues) more than 5 people of the same sex?
  26. Got it on wiv someone from your work(past or present)?
  27. Snogged a family member like ur cousin (incestual but it happens)?
  28. Had full sex in the toilets of a pub or club?
  29. Been skinny dipping?
  30. Been to a strip club?
  31. Been to a strip club and paid for a dance?
  32. Been to royales? (ha u gotta be bad)
  33. Had gay/lesbian fantasies about someone famous?
  34. Been asked/ or asked someone to marry you?
  35. Stolen money from someone too drunk to remember you taking it?
  36. Had sex on the beach?
  37. Dated someone because you heard they had a bit of money?
  38. Had sex with someone on the day that u met them?
  39. Been called a slag?
  40. Called your mum a bitch?
  41. Been videoed having sex?
  42. Got off on watching porn?
  43. Had a shag in your parents bed?
  44. Given oral sex in a moving car?
  45. Killed an animal?
  46. Told someone that you love that you hate them?
  47. Snogged someone mistaking them for someone else? (when ur drunk)
  48. Had a fight with a best mate over someone of the opposite sex?
  49. Snogged one of your bestmates brothers or sisters or both?

The highest possible score is 100!!! at the end. It's that easy.....

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