Worst Things To Say When First Meeting Your Cyber Lover

  • Nice beard. Sue.
  • You sure type better than you look.
  • You know, I wish life had an undo key.
  • I thought you said your body was "average" sized. You never said "for an elephant".
  • Is it OK if I use my laptop to cyber with my Russian mail-order bride while we do it?
  • When you said you were 'fragrant', I didn't think it meant you had the worst body odour problem since mankind stopped living in swamps.
  • I am a little disappointed that you brought along you husband, yes.
  • Well, on reflection, it does make sense that your a fat, pale, pasty geek, yes. You are online 24 hours a day, every day, after all.
  • You're a lot balder than I imagined, Kathy.
  • I'm sorry I just remembered an appointment with the barbers, they might slit my throat for free.
  • Can you pinch me? I think I'm having a nightmare.
  • I'm really sorry but Lookin4Love2000 couldn't make it. I'm his best mate ShagAnything22 if your still up for it
  • Weren't you in that ad. for Michellin?
  • I have two paper bags. One's for you, the other is for me in case yours comes off.
  • You didn't tell me your face looked like a pair of startled buttocks.
  • You got me. Okay, okay. Reveal the hidden cameras... Seriously reveal them!
  • This was a lot easier when I didn't have to see your conjoined twin.
  • Actually the scientific name for your medical condition is "Zactley's disease". Your head looks zactley the same as your arse.
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