If Premiership teams were ladies...

If Premiership teams were ladies...

Arsenal - Angelina Jolie
Look good, a bit maverick at times and you know they have the potential t0 really fu(k you over

Aston Villa - Dido
One big hit. Fairly inoffensive really

Birmingham City - Maria Carey
Occasionally interesting, frequently annoying. Supporters are thick

Blackburn Rovers - Melanie Sykes
Common as muck Lancy, constantly worrying.

Bolton Wanderers - Natalie Imbruglia
Always looks like she might go down but never does

Charlton Athletic - Martine McCutcheon
Chirpy Cockney with the ability to spring a few surprises

Chelsea - Maggie Thatcher
Hated by millions, supported by idiots

Everton - Barbara Windsor
Been laughing at those t1ts so long we forget that once upon a time they actually looked quite good

Fulham - Andrea Corr
Not bad to look at but not much of her. Seems a bit awestruck with fame

Leicester City - Patsy Palmer
Generally a bit crap and second rate really, but some people like her

Leeds United - Lisa Scott Lee
Dirty Lee

Liverpool - Sophie Ellis Bextor
Individually all the components look fantastic - just doesn't work when put together.

Man City - Madonna
Have been big at times - now lost the plot a bit - ageing stars. Nice new home though

Man United - Jordan
Dominated by t1ts. Quite repulsive really

Middlesborough - Tara Palmer Tompkinson
Can look quite good at the back - but nothing at all up front to speak of

Newcastle United - Christina Aguillera
Can look good. Various unsavoury elements though

Portsmouth - Chrissie Hynde
On the face of it a has-been but you're quite interested in what she's going to do next

Southampton - Kylie Minogue
Sometimes you feel sorry for them, They're not huge and you've got a bit of a soft spot.

Spurs - The cheeky girls
Only really liked by their mother!!

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