Sex Aid financial appeal

A recent edition of the Guardian (a UK quality newspaper for those who don't know) had a story titled "Charity's great sex appeal," reporting that Marie Stopes International, a charity which raises money for the Third World, is launching "Sex Aid" to finance birth control in countries where rising populations are threatening the environment.

Couples are urged to keep a tin by the bed and put 25 pence in it every time they make love, and send the resulting collection to the charity.

MSI's fund-raising manager Ms Patricia Hindmarsh said, "It is a serious suggestion. I think it will help people focus on the fact that they have the freedom to make love without producing another mouth to feed."

The part of the story that I liked best, and the reason I'm forwarding it to this newsgroup, is the Guardian's comment at the end of the story:

"Research suggests that the average British couple could donate at least #12.50 a year."

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