How Not to Be a Ladies' Man

Two guys had grown up together since they were young. As fate would have it, one guy grew up being a total ladies' man, and the other guy became a total nerd. One summer day the nerd could stand it no longer. He asked his friend how he picked up all the chicks. His friend answered, "Just put a potato down your pants and parade up and down the beach, they'll just run to you."

So the geek said, "Okay! I'll give it a try!"

So the next day he put a potato in his pants and went down to a crowded beach loaded with chicks in bikinis. He saw his friend surrounded by girls as usual, but none came to him. All he got was a few weird stares from older men. Dismayed, he went home.

The next day he went to his friend's house and told him his dramatic story. His friend shook his head and said, "Buddy, you were supposed to put the potato in the front!"

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