A couple of maintenance men are working around launch pad of the space shuttle one day, when one of them notices some fuel leaking from one of the fuel lines. They call mission control, who instructs them to try and contain the fuel till they can figure out what to do about it.

They start collecting it into buckets, cans, jars, whatever they can find around. After several hours (it takes mission control a long time to figure out how to stop these things) one of them decides to take a taste of it.

Jim: "Hey, Joe! Take a taste of this stuff. It ain't half-bad."

Joe: "Are you crazy?"

Jim: "No, really. It's kinda like vodka or something."

Joe: "You're right! This is pretty good!"

Jim: "Yea! And I think I'm getting a good buzz off it too."

So Jim and Joe continue to drink their new-found drink and mop-up the rest of the spilt fuel, though by now they're not really minding the work. The next morning, Jim gets a phone call.

Jim: "Hello?"

Joe: "Hey Jim, how ya feeling?"

Jim: "Pretty good, actually. I don't have a hangover or nuthin'!"

Joe: "Have you gone to the bathroom yet?"

Jim: "No, why?"

Joe: "Cuz I'm calling you from Australia."

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