A guy walks into a bar and trailing behind him is an alligator. Both of which sit at the bar. The guy calls the bartender over and orders, "Two shots of whiskey. One for me and one for my friend here." The bartender brings the drinks and watches as both the guy and the alligator gulp down the shots and slam the glasses down on the bar in unison. Again the guys orders "Two shots of whiskey. One for me and one for my friend." Again, both drink the shots and slam down the glasses. This goes on until the bar closes and the bartender tells them and that they have to leave. The guy and the alligator both get up and start for the door. The alligator takes two steps and crashes to the floor. The guy (so hammered) doesn’t even notice and the bartender calls after the guy, "Hey buddy, you can’t leave that lying here. The guy turns, looks down and says, "That’s not a lion that’s an alligator!" (Note: For full effect, tell this joke using your best drunk voice or better yet while you are drunk.)

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