Three golfers

These three guys (two younger and one older) always go golfing together every Sunday morning. They're just about to get up on the tee when the club pro walks up and tells them that there's a woman who is golfing by herself and he asks if they would mind if she played along with them. They thought about it and reluctantly said "Sure, no problem."

They were hoping the woman wouldn't slow up their game but once they start playing they soon realize that she is a hell of a golfer. Better, in fact, than each of them. Not only that, she's extremely attractive as well.

They get to the 18th tee and she is one under par. They are all on the green and she has a 20 footer for par. She tells the three men,

"You guys have been gentlemen through the whole round by letting me play and not giving me a hard time because I'm the only woman. This is the first time I'll ever break par and to show my appreciation, whichever one of you can show me the right line to make this putt, I'll give you a blow job."

The first young guy looks real hard and says, "I think it's left edge."

The second young guy looks even harder and says, "No, I think it's right edge."

The older guy walks over and picks up the ball, tosses it to the woman and says, "It's a gimmie."

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