Liquid soap

Two little old ladies who have a very weak eyesight go shopping one day. After shopping a while, they decide to go to the rest room. Mistakenly, they walk into the men's room instead of the ladies room. Two men who are equally desperate to take a leak are standing on the urinals and about to begin.

The two ladies walk in and the men not knowing what else to do, put their backs against the wall and pretend that they are part of the rest-room fixtures.

The first lady, mistaking one of the men for the sink, walks up to him and pulls his penis a couple of times. The man looses control and lets go. She then turns to the other one and says, "Oh, My... you should try this one. It has warm water!"

The second lady replies, "No dear, I think I'll stick with this one. It not only has warm water, it dispenses liquid soap as well!"

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