Prostitute and a Koala

A prostitute is lounging in her bed one evening, reflecting upon the day's business, when a Koala bear appears at her open window. He winks at her, climbs in, hops onto the bed, and proceeds to perform oral sex upon her. Not too dismayed by her unexpected guests act, she spreads her legs and lets him have at it. Finishing, the koala bear licks his lips and starts to exit out the same window. "Hey, wait a minute, buddy, you've got to pay for that! I'm a hooker, you know!"
"A hooker? What's that?" asks the koala bear. "A hooker, you know, a prostitute! It's in the dictionary, look it up!" So she shows the koala bear the entry in the dictionary. Sure enough, it says: "Hooker: woman who exchanges sexual acts for monetary gain." The Koala bear thinks about this and says: "Do you know what I am? I'm a koala bear! Look it up!" So as the koala bear disappears out the window, the hooker thumbs through the dictionary and looks up "Koala Bear." It reads: "Koala Bear: eats bushes and leaves."

Submitted by: BodGer
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