Husband and the babysitter

A woman comes home from work and finds her husband shagging the Babysitter. In a fit of rage she grabs a knife from the kitchen and chops his knob off. In a total bout of madness she picks the bleeding dick up off the floor and runs out of the house.

In a panic she drives off in the car. Speeding down the road at 90 miles an hour she heads to the motorway, and going in excess of 100 she attracts the attention of a cop car. The cop car gives chase, and sounds the sirens.

She looks in her mirror anr realises she has to get rid of the evidence. She throws the bloody penis out the window high in the air, it bounces off the windscreen of the police car and the driver of the police car loses control and goes into the hard shoulder and slams on the break.

The driver turns round to his deputy in the passenger seat.

Driver: jolly flip hell! Did you catch the number plate of the car

Deputy: Sod the number plate, did you see the size of the cock on that mosquito?!

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