The Tractor Spotter

One day a guy walks into a bar. Now this guy is fairly old, and has spent most of his life being a tractor spotter. (Like trainspotter, but with tractors)......

He's sitting at the bar having a jovial conversation with the pub landlord, when suddenly the fire alarm goes off. Smoke came pouring out of the kitchen at the back of the pub.

Oh no! shouted the landlord, I'd forgotten about me chips!

But the old guy sitting at the bar said: "don't worry, I can handle this". He went into the kitchen and took a huuuuuuuuuge breath in, and breathed in all the smoke.................. and ran outside the pub and blew it all out into the air.

"how on earth did you do that?" asked the landlord

"easy" said the old man, "I'm an ex-tractor fan"

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