Murphy, The Irish Spy

A Russian agent is told he is to be sent on a Top Secret mission, where he will rendezvous with Murphy, the irish spy on the shore of County Donegal. he is told that when he meets Murphy the code words are 'The Sun rises
slowly over Moscow'.

The next morning the agent is delivered, at 5am, on the shore of county Donegal, the submarine disappears into the Atlantic. The agent looks around but Murphy is nowhere to be seen, the agent then happens to look up on the road and sees a man sweeping the road. He walks up to him.

'Are you Murphy?' the agent asks
The sweeper replies 'Yes, I am Murphy, but there are lots of Murphy's in County Donegal's
'Are there?!'

'Oh Yes, there are indeed, indeed there are, now there's Murphy the Window Cleaner, there's Murphy the Postman, Ah, and there's Murphy the Grocer. Oh, and Murphy the Milkman.

Which Murphy are you looking for?'

The Russian agent responds 'The Sun Rises Slowly Over Moscow..'.

The sweeper exclaims 'Oh You'll want Murphy the Spy!'
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