Travelling salesman

A travelling salesman, dead tired and in a bad mood, checks in at a highway motel and requests at the front desk for a Private Room and a Private Bathroom.

The clerk complies and hands the salesman a key to room 8 and its adjoing private bathroom, wishes the man a good night and gives him a breakfast menue for morning.

The man staggers to his room, dumps his possesions, grabs a towel and head to the bathroom for a long, soothing shower. When he reaches the bathroom he finds another hotel tenant, a hot young blonde woman in the bathroom.
"excuse me this is MY bathroom and its a private one."
"Sorry but the clerk gave me the key to this one" replies the woman.

They stare at eachother in uncomfortable silence, finally the man says. "Your not bad you know" he says with a twinkle in his eyes.
"Your not bad yourself"she replies with interest.
"Do you f*ck?"asks the man. "yes" she replies.
"Then F*ck Off this is My Bathroom!"

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