Blind Man and The Fork

A blind guy walks into a restraunt and sits down at a table where the dirty dishes from the previous customers is still there. A waiter comes over and explains that he will clear the table but the blind guy responds " Wait give me a second. Usually i take a fork from the people who ate here before me, smell it and have what they had." The waiter finds this strange but watches the blind guy. The blind guy picks up the fork, smells it and says "I'll have the macaroni and cheese." The waiter is amazed that he knew that was the previous customers dish. So he get's him macaroni. The next 3 days it's the same deal. Blind guy comes in, smells a dirty fork, then orders a meal. He hasn't missed once. He has guessed the meals of previous customers every time. So on the 4th day he comes back in and the waiter notices him and goes out back to his wife who is cooking. He explains the whole blind guy situation and tells her to rub her pussy with the fork. Thinking he's pulling a fast one on him he meets him at the door with the fork and says "Sir you don't have to sit down i brought your fork to you." The blind guy takes the fork, smells it and says

"Linda works here!?!?"

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