The milkman called at a customers house for his money. The customer a very beautiful woman opened the door in a flimsy dressing gown.
"Hi luv" he said getting his payment book and pen ready.
"Oh dear" said the woman "You'll have to call back next week I dont have the money at the moment"
"Come on Luv its been 6 weeks since you paid last and I have to account for it back at the dairy."
"I really dont have any money." she insisted
"Sorry then" he said "But I'll have to stop deliveries and report it"
"Look there is another way" she said opening her dressing gown to show her lovely figure.

The milkman did not need a second bidding. He put down his milkcrate pocketed his book and pencil and followed her upstairs. While he was undressing she removed her dressing gown and Nightie and lay stretched out on the bed waiting for him. He turned walked up to the bed and saw that she was black all over her

front. " What the dickens is that!" he exclaimed.
She looked down at herself and said" Oh sorry Ive only just finished paying the coalman!"
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