Big drinker

In their local pub, a man and a woman are having a pint. When the man goes to the toilet, another man sits in his seat and starts chatting to the woman.
'I'm going to shag you here and now,' proclaims the man.
'No you won't ' I'll get my husband,' she replies.
'And then,' continues the man, 'I'm going to strip you naked and lick your body.'
'When my husband gets back, he'll kill you!' she warns.
'And once that's over with, I'm going to fill your pussy up with beer and then drink it through a straw!'
'Right, that does it!' she yells, running off to get her husband.

A few minutes later, she returns with him and explains what the pest had said. 'He said he was going to shag me,' cries the lady while her husband takes off his coat. 'And then he said he wanted to lick my naked body,' she sobs as her husband rolls up his sleeves. 'And worst of all, he said he was going to fill my pussy with beer and drink it all up through a straw!'

At this, the man rolls his sleeves down, puts his coat back on and heads for the door.
'What are you doing'' protests the woman. To which the man replies,
'I'm not fighting anyone who can drink that much beer!'

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