Dubya's 2004 Election Bumper Stickers

2004 Election Bumper Stickers Found On George W (Dubya) Bush's bumper

1. My Plan: Lose 2,600,000 Jobs. Take A Vacation
2 Daddy, I Want My Own War
3 The Bush Brothers: We're On A Mission From God
4 Bush & Sons Inc . (formerly The United States of America)
5 "I Know How Hard It Is For You to Put Food On Your Family." Actual quote by George W. Bush
6 Ban Abortion, But Bring Back The Death Penalty and Send Young men To Their Deaths
7 Vote Republican If You Want To Live
8 Honey I Shrunk The Surplus
9 Bomb More Iraqi Children Before They Starve To Death
10 Nuke All Dissent
11 Drug Free Since 1974
12 Dubya Tells Evil Who's Boss
13 Why Screw An Intern When You Can Screw The Country?
14 I Plan to Invade / Memorise Names of Countries With WMDs
15 Read My Lips: "Screw The Environment"
16 Smoke People, Not Pot
17 "More Hay, George?" "No thanks, Roy, I'm stuffed!"
18 Job Less America
19 Making The World A Better Place, One Country At A Time
20 Democrat/ Republican: Same Sh_t , Different Pile
21 Leave No Billionaire Behind
22 The Blair Bush Project, What a Cool Name For a Movie!
23 Cover me. I'm About To Screw The Country
24 Re-Elect Me, Because You've Waited For Armageddon Long Enough
25 Vote Bush .. Or Else
26 I've Got More Americans Praying Than Ever Before
27 I Didn't Volunteer For Viet Nam. I'm Not As Dumb As I Look
28 Born To Kill, Born To Drill
29 Honk if You've Never Seen a Missile Launched From a Car Window.
30 Bring On World War W (Dubya) !! Hoo-Hah!
31 Lies, Videotape .. But No Sex
32 Who Said Regime Change Begins At Home?
33 I'm Open For Suggestions
34 Resistance Is Futile. Prepare To Be Assimilated
35 I Said "No" To Drugs, But They Didn't Listen
36 E-mail Me @ Dubya,Dubya, Dubya Idiot Dot Com
37 Honk If You'd Like To See Me Working With Subatomic Particles
38 By George What A Mess!
39 I Put The "Duh" In W
40 I Stand For Educaschun
41 Veni, Vedi, Iraq - I Came, I Saw, I Kicked A$$
42 George W, Master & Commander: The Search For WMD
43 Compassionate Colonialism - One Country At a Time
44 Let's Make This Planet Of The Ape
45 Iraquagmire: Mission Accomplished
46 Peace Is For Pussies
47 I Hate Everybody...And You're Next.
48 We Must Save The Preciou$$$$$ Iraqi Oil
49 Thanks For Not Paying Attention.
50 Don't Scrub The Shrub
51 I promise to get cocaine off our streets: 1 kilo at a time.
52 Iraq - The 51st State
53 Democracy Was Getting Old Anyway
55 Eternal Warfare of The Clueless Administration
56 Bush/Cheney '04: This Time, Elect Us!
57 I Believe In Violence. Spank Me
58 Like father, like son. You liked my dad, right?
59 Protecting The USA From The Scum of The Universe
60 How Dumb is Too Dumb?
61 I Look Like I'm Doing Nothing, But At A Cellular Level I'm Quite Busy
62 Frodo Failed: I Have The One Ring
63 Bush/Cheney '04: We're Gooder!
64 Caution: I'm a One-Man WMD
65 I Promise No Sex Scandal: Just Look At Me.
66 USA - We Own The Planet
67 Caution Reformed Crackhead Ahead
68 Some Can't Run a Dictatorship...I call these people "Everybody But Me"
69 Twit Happens
70 My Motto: The Buck Stops Over There.
71 Why Change Horsemen Mid-Apocalypse?
72 Dubya For Doobies
73 Don't Like My Stance on Iraq? Call 1800-Eat Sh_t
74 Over A Billion Whoppers Served Since 2001
75 I Try Not to Let My Mind Wander.It's Too Small and Fragile to be Out By Itself
76 Where Is The Evidence for WMD? It's A secret. Get Over It.
77 Don't Vote, Reselect Us In '04. It Goes Without Thinking
78 Of The Rich, By The Rich , For The Rich
79 Why Don't We Invade North Korea? Duh! No Oil Dummy!
80 "Rarely Is The Question Asked: Is Our Children Learning?" another actual quote by GWB
81 Vote Republican: It's Easier Than Thinking
82 "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully. " -GWB
83 It's The Eve Of War And I feel Good
84 One Nation Under Surveillance
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