Air traffic controllers complain about motion sickness

Ananova / Associated Press - 11:42 Monday 31st March 2003

Air traffic controllers at Sweden's biggest airport in Stockholm say they are falling ill because their tower sways in the wind.

The 270-foot high tower sways nearly a centimetre each way when the wind blows more than 33 miles per hour.

Pia Johansson, the airport's lead traffic controller, said the movement has caused fits of nausea and vertigo among the 30 controllers who direct the 850 flights in and out of the airport daily.

Sweden's Civil Aviation Authority, which owns Arlanda, said a plan to stabilise the tower by putting water storage tanks on the roof was cancelled this year because of the cost.

Instead, Johansson said controllers who get queasy will be sent downstairs to "relax on firm ground" until they feel better.

The ?25 million tower opened last year.

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