Kidnapped wife found in bed with another man

Ananova - 14:18 Thursday 20th March 2003

An Italian who reported his wife had been kidnapped was shocked when police found her in a hotel bedroom with another man.

The 40-year-old man called police to say that his 33-year-old wife had vanished from a nightclub they were at together and must have been kidnapped.

Her details were circulated to patrols and taxi drivers close to the Gilda nightclub in Rome and almost immediately a cabbie rang to say he had just dropped her and another man off at a hotel.

When officers reunited the couple, the man ended up on an assault charge after flying into a jealous rage and attacking his wife.

A Rome police spokesman said: "As soon as we had the report we circulated details and within a few minutes a taxi driver called to say he had recognised the description of the woman.

"He gave us the name of the hotel where he had dropped her and another man off and when we went there we found them in bed together.

"Understandably the husband was very upset when we told him the circumstances in which we had found his wife.

"When they saw each other he let his anger get the better of him and he attacked her and as a result he has now been charged with assault."

The spokesman concluded: "To save them any more embarrassment it would not be fair to name either of them."

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