Community service

ROTHERHAM, England, April 7 (Agence France Presse) A gang of thieves who were ordered to plant daffodil bulbs as part of their community service have seen their revenge flourish this spring. The group were told to plant hundreds of bulbs along one of the main roads in Rotherham, in northern England, last autumn but, when the bulbs sprouted this week, the blooms spelled out the words "Bollocks" and "Shag" in letters four feet (1.3 meters) wide.

Residents living on East Bawtry Road, which carries thousands of visitors a day, said people were coming from miles around to take a look at the flowers. One, Alan McCue, 48, said: "I can see the funny side but it doesn't really create a good impression of the town. They planted hundreds of bulbs so we're all a bit worried about what might come up next."

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