Man Sues Over Smelly Fart


A Swedish man has been awarded nearly ?60,000 compensation after he was sacked for telling off a colleague for breaking wind.

Computer technician Goran Andervass took the Swedish Bank, at Riksbanken, to industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal.

He said he rebuked his un-named colleague because he believed he had deliberately broken wind in his office.

"My colleague was absolutely aware of the awful smell. It was pure provocation," he told Aftonbladet.

"I felt provoked by the fart at 7.30am and it made me terribly angry."

The colleague complained to management who suspended Mr Andervass and later made him redundant. He took legal action and was recently awarded the equivalent of ?58,000.

Krister Skoglund, of the Swedish Work Environment Authority, commented: "If a fart is done on purpose when going into somebody's office it is important that management takes the matter seriously."

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