Parrot Breaks Silence


Parrot breaks silence to foil burglary

A parrot is believed to have foiled a burglary by breaking a year of silence to shout: "Stop! I'll shoot".

The parrot, owned by a retired police officer, reportedly foiled the break-in after his owner left his flat in Kiev, Ukraine, for a few minutes.

When he returned he found three men stretched out on the floor with their hands behind their heads, the Cegodnya newspaper reported.

The thieves, who had believed the man was leaving for the entire day, later said they had heard a voice say: "Stop! I'll shoot! On the ground!", when they came into the flat.

The parrot, which had lived with the retired policeman for a year, had apparently not spoken a word before the incident.

Story filed: 10:49 Tuesday 7th October 2003

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