Actor wanted for play. Must be dead

Saturday March 20, 10:19 PM Actor wanted for play. Must be dead

LONDON (AFP) - A British theatre group is holding a casting call with a difference for its latest production -- aspiring stars must agree to be dead by the time the show begins.

The play, to be put on by an experimental theatre group in east London, is intended to be a serious examination about the taboos surrounding death, The Observer newspaper reported in Sunday's edition.

Called "Dead: You Will Be", the production calls for a genuine corpse to "lie in state" throughout the performance.

The theatre troupe, known as 1157, hope to get the consent of someone such as a terminally ill hospice patient to allow their body to be used for the play, which will run for 24 nights in mid-May.

"The body will not necessarily be touched by the actors at all," Jo Dagless, one of the group's artistic directors, told the newspaper.

"But all those details would be worked out in advance with the donor and their family."

The use of a body was not a publicity stunt, Dagless added.

"It is an element of the show that we think is important to help us to dispel some of the mysteries that surround death."
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