Distracting nipples

Sharron's nipples distracting viewers

BBC Olympics presenter Sharron Davies says she's bemused by a row centring on her nipples.

It's reported that the BBC has ordered cameramen to shoot Davies her from the shoulders up during broadcasts from the Olympic pool.

The Daily Mirror says the BBC received a handful of complaints from viewers who said the 41-year-old's prominent nipples had diverted attention from the action in the pool.

But the former swimmer said: "If it means more people are watching the Olympics, then it's a positive thing.They might learn a lot about swimming, get drawn into the sport and actually find they enjoy it!

"If it's detracting from the swimmers - who are most the real stars - then it's a different matter."

She added: "What's the big deal? It is very sexist when you have men wearing Lycra in practically every sport."

Davies insists there have been no orders to cameramen to show her from the shoulders up.

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